April 28, 2009

Look Up

When we were children, my father used to take us downtown. He would show us the monuments and the buildings, hoping that we'd learn the city and be comfortable going there on our own. He would always tell us to look up. Look up and see what the buildings used to be.
The ground floor changes as different shops, restaurants and services move in and out. The landlords update the look of the building by modifying the street level. But when you look up, you see the original building. The intent of the architect remains.
Today, when I was downtown, I did what I always do... I looked up. I saw the corner of a building I drive by every day in a new light. It's curved!
Look up. You will see an old world.


  1. Your Father was a very wise man indeed. And you were a lucky girl to have been given the sage wisdom to "look up!"
    Thank you for the reminder!
    Love this post.

  2. I just read your post from April 26 and followed the link to your 'old address'. I was stopped in my tracks by the similarities in your home and your mother's to our summer house in Maine. The granite fireplace and the greek key patterned tiles and the old sink with the non-mixing faucets are almost identical to our house. Interestingly, our house was built in 1898 by a man named George Cochran from Baltimore. My husbands family bought the house around 1928 and unfortunately, not much is known about George or his family. He had a wife or daughter, Kate Hawley Cochran, who was an artist and left many lovely watercolors in the attic. Have you ever heard of this family mentioned in your 'hood ? Love your posts and would be interested in any info you might have or any ideas on how I might research this Baltimore family.

  3. Fantastic reminder!! Your Dad was SO right!

  4. I have pictures of this building myself from one of the times I've been up in balitmore :-) It reminds me of that Dresden apartment building here in Kalorama that curves along connecticut avenue right above Dupont.

  5. I was at Kew Gardens yesterday and there was a sign in the Palm House that said the same thing... "Look Up". It's good to look up, down, forward, back and all around.

    Beautiful building!

  6. FABULOUS buidling... I LOVE looking at old architecture!!! THanks for sharing... lovely memory!

  7. Curves, angles, and details... aren't they the best?
    I never tire of the flatiron building here in NYC. It really makes no sense and is surprising when you first see it, but I always smile when I see it.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  8. It is so true, when we open our eyes and realy take everything in. I have been driving by places lately and wondering "has that always been there?!)

  9. I love seeing the top of buildings, It IS like a window into the past.

  10. Or do you mean a whole new world! xv

  11. What a great building. I have some photos of the buildings in Annapolis - all looking up.

  12. It's a wonderful view. Often, while running, I take a moment to look up into tree blossoms and at the rooftops and balconies of Richmond. It never fails to amuse, amaze me, and, sometimes, stop me dead in my tracks.


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