February 13, 2009

Goodness from the Guardian

I am starting a new label category: Goodness from the Guardian. I've been reading the UK newspaper, The Guardian, since it was known as the Manchester Guardian, and get their update every morning in my e-mail. I like the international perspective it gives on world news and the often-differing viewpoints they have on what's happening in our world.
One of my favourite things is their amazing gallery of pictures. I have found some of the most amazing photographs, including the new Royal Mail stamp collection, the fabulous bachelor artist's house in London, the Beyond Limits sculptures at Chatsworth House and the parade of elephant topiaries.

These are light graffiti paintings by Cardiff artist. Michael Bosanko, who paints with light and uses a very slow camera shutter to capture these images.Enjoy!


  1. I love the picture of the swans.

  2. yeah, we need more of that swan lovin' in life right now...

  3. Oh I am obsessed with The Guardian and The Times, but then I am slightly biased.
    24 Hours in pictures is just the best.

  4. Fantastic images Meg - love the sculpture at Chatsworth, xv

  5. I am loving your extraordinary continuation of the series on the Brits! Great job Meg!

  6. The Guardian certainly has some strengths, such as its film reviews, and - for some people - its photos of swans. As the only left of centre newspaper in the UK, it now finds itself very much in tune with the aims of Obama. So in that sense, it no longer presents a differing view. As an antidote to the fawning attitude to Obama's election, found on both sides of the Atlantic, why not look at the following which appeared in the Daily Mail and which, unlike The Guardian, is very widely read in the UK:


  7. Here's a cheeky quote from an MP in the 80s -

    "Times readers run the country,
    Telegraph readers think they run the country,
    Guardian readers wish they ran the country,
    Mirror readers would run the country if the Times readers didn't run it already,
    Mail readers think they know who should run the country,
    Express readers don't care who runs the country,
    and Sun readers don't give a damn who runs the country as long as her measurements exceed 38-24-36."

  8. That baby sculpture is one of my all time favorites!

  9. "Painting with light"... that is an awesome and admirable talent...



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