February 28, 2009

ACC Review

We went to the American Craft Council show last night and as ever, I am stunned by the incredible talent that is on display. I wasn't sure of the picture-taking protocol, so I only asked the vendors we had conversations with. There were more than 700 vendors and we only had three hours to see them all, so it was really a mad dash through the show. Here are some favourites.

On and off, I read the blog, Historically Inaccurate, in which Richard Saja takes traditional Pierre Deux toiles and adds his own twist. Richard was one of the up-coming artists featured at the show. I had a chance to speak with him for a few minutes and he was charming. I also had the chance to speak to Daniel Gugoni, a furniture-maker out of Litchfield, CT. He made the beautiful writing desk I pictured in my earlier post about the ACC.
He had some stunning pieces on display, including this little table he called "Spiderweb".I love both celedon and oxblood glazes on porcelain, so I was delighted to meet Justin Teilhet, a potter from Ohio. His glazes were just perfect and the shapes he throws are twists on traditional shapes. One of the things we noticed at the show was the proliferation of felted objects, including jackets, hats and scarves. Although there were a significant number, none were alike. I was particularly taken with the Felted Garden, whose designs were more in keeping with my more traditional tastes. I had spotted the designer walking through the show and her interesting scarf caught my eye. Check our her blog here.

All in all, a very interesting time, and I kept to my promise of not shopping!


  1. I love Historically Innacurate's fabrics - refreshingly funny and irreverent!

  2. Looks like a great show .. .
    I'd seen Historically Innacurate's work , but didn't know who he was -
    thanks for the link! Judith

  3. Meg - we used to have ACC shows here in Tampa, and they were always wonderful. I haven't been to one since they moved to Sarasota. So sad.


  4. I don't know how you could stop yourself from shopping! I want that scarf and that spiderweb table especially.

    These beautiful, well-made things just make me happy. I love that there are so many creative people out there doing their thing.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! And I loved Historically Innacurate's pieces. Great fun!

  6. OMG you got to meet Richard Saja!
    Every time I go to Commanders Palace I take a snap shot of his fab work there!
    I've been meaning to blog on him forever!
    Thanks for a great post and for so many great photos!
    xo xo

  7. I'm crazy about the felted scarf. And you didn't buy a thing? You should be so proud!

  8. Rita... It was very, very hard not to buy anything. I was tempted many times!

  9. Great coverage Meg. These shows are always vast, it can get overwhelming. Thanks for sharing highlights.

  10. Love the new twist on Pierre Deux. How does he get approval from them? Does he need it? (I have no idea about these things.)

    Also, checking in to see how you're faring in this storm...

  11. oh you're right, those toiles are so clever! love them!


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