February 23, 2009

Crass Commercialism!

In an effort to de-clutter my house and add a little to my bank account, I have put some of my old Domino magazines up for sale on Ebay.
The four issues I have posted are all from 2006, so if you're interested, make a bid!
I have scanned in the pages that I wanted to save and will be able to print them out when I want to reference them.
It's such a shame... this was a great magazine!
This has been a paid commercial announcement! We now return you to your regular program.


  1. hey there! the guy over at "My White Shirt"


    was looking for specific back issues from '06.

    *curse my retentive memory abilities*

    give him a shout!

  2. Thanks! I will check him out. I am just getting tooooo much clutter.

  3. Wait a minute. People will BUY my back issues?

  4. paul- they sure will! i sold my premier issue of wallpaper for 1200 bucks on ebay. probably some sort of weird bidding war fluke, but i sure didn't complain!

  5. Oh cool. I will go check this out. I already threw out most of my old issues in order to de-clutter, but now I'm missing them!

  6. I own each and every issue and have never torn out a thing. They are like bibles to me.
    I hope that your selling these issues will complete collections and make people smile!

  7. i hope you will be able to retire now!

  8. I can't part with mine (the first two were selling for around $100 each).

    I recycled my old House & Gardens right before they stopped publishing. Now I'm afraid to throw anything else out.

  9. OMG I have had to toss out so many magazines. My condominium will only hold so many baskets filled to the brim!! I do always take the tear sheets of what I want 1st, had no idea people would pay up for these!


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