September 30, 2008

New Header

Some of you have asked about the new header, so I thought I would tell you about. I like to change out my header every few months, and since the season is changing here in the mid-Atlantic, the fountain header was looking a little too summery. I was looking through my image library and came across this copyright-free image I had downloaded from Dover Publications.
Since 1941, Dover has published books in the public domain, meaning that there are no longer any copyright issues to be dealth with. Sometimes, the original books are scanned and printed in their original format. In addition, they publish books of images, also in the public domain, including clip art, colouring books and much more. Some of their books come with a CD with high resolution images.
The picture I chose is a packing label for oranges from California. Since I am heading back to England, I thought this image was perfect. Look for more Brit-themed images over the next few weeks. I took the original image, and then in Photoshop, erased the words, cut the bottom edge and moved it up, and then added my blog name in a type combination that I designed earlier this summer. Then I saved it as a new image.

Dover has a weekly sampler of images, so in addition to the image books I've purchased, I also get the samples!


  1. I'm familiar with Dover, but I did not realize the array of clip-art. You're very clever ;)

  2. I think it's super cute :-) I need to work on mine one of these days! For now, simple works -but I look with envy at blogs with cute titles! Maybe I'll have PVE do something for me...hmm.....

  3. i love the header : )

    thank you for the intro to dover publications!

  4. I was so hooked on Dover, I was getting the weekly images to the point it was eating up my computer, and I had to stop. They have the most fantastic images.

  5. "Super Duper" Keep up the Good Work.

    image clipping

  6. awesome new header & didn't know about dover, so thanks for the info.

    will we be posting while in england? we hope so!

  7. The header is so cute! Love his rosy cheeks and monocle!

  8. Proving once again that you are the queen of PhotoShop. Great graphic. I love old vegetable crate labels.

  9. Meg the "Henna hands" with elephants is a great find!

    Again, you are so clever.

  10. I love the new header...made me feel right at home!!!

  11. I need a revamp myself...thanks for the inspiration!!!


  12. I love your new header!!!

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