September 7, 2008

The Aftermath

Of course, today, just after Hanna blew through, is about as gorgeous day as you could imagine. The humidity's half of what it was yesterday, the sky's a clear blue and the temps are in the low 70's. This is a bee in my garden on my mint plants.
I went to a posh dinner party last night and on the way, I stopped to take some photos along the Harbour. Between the bands of the storm, we'd get brief periods of brilliant sun, and then you'd see black clouds in the distance.
The docks where I took these pictures is at the end of the street where I lived for 10 years. I used to catch the water-taxi to work from here. The big ship on the left has come in from South America to deliver raw sugar to the Domino Sugar refinery. You can sometimes smell the molasses from processing the sugar, and the building's so large that it blocks the wind when we're sailing. We call it the Domino Effect.
You can see what a beautiful day it is here in Baltimore today and if you click the picture, you should be able to see a short video of the fly-over before the Ravens' game.
Thanks for all of your good wishes during the storm and your commiseration that we didn't have the Pigtown Festival yesterday.


  1. Storms can be awful, but they do wash the skies in a beautiful way.

    Lovely photos, I only wish I could smell the molasses.

  2. Wow--great photos! It's overcast and drizzly here in Blighty. Still, all in all, quite nice.

  3. I like the Domino Effect. My Dad used to load 50lb. bags of sugar at that plant when he was young. He grew up on Stricker St. Sailing in the harbor sounds so romantic and so does taking the water taxi to work...

  4. WoW!!! Great pictures!!!
    It's real and true!!!

  5. sorry about the festival - but i think it was a good call on your part :)

    went to the catonsville craft fair today - i thought it was so hot! i actually love stormy days - but i don't want anyone to get hurt in one - but that said - days like yesterday are my absolute favorite.

    love the pics of b'more that you take :)

  6. I love your little tour :-) Water taxis are so fun!! I love taking the one to the ferry to cape cod in Boston.

  7. That photo of the bee is AMAZING! So cute and GORGEOUS!

  8. Taking a water taxi to work sounds like one of the best things ever. Why should commuting have to be a drag?

    Beautiful shots. Hanna blew into town with about 4" of rain and some strong gusts. We needed the soaking. glad to hear you weathered the storm. (Isabel left us without power for nine days!)

  9. E&E... mostly taking the water taxi was brilliant. the mornings when the sun was still low and the water was like glas, were perfection. so serene and quiet.

    the afternoons, when the late day storms came rolling in, were always adventurous.

    there were also some pretty hilarious days when the tide was waaaaay out and i had to clamber up the ladder in a suit and heels! NOT pretty!

  10. P-D, I bet you did it with style and aplomb aplenty. But did you sing out: "permission to come aboard, sir?"

  11. No! I would call them on my mobile and let them know I was waiting on the dock. Luckily, I could see over to the other side from the middle of the block and would know if they'd left their stop. If they didn't see me waiting, they'd skip my stop. If I was running a minute or two late, I'd call them.

  12. That, darling Fairfax, is true luxury. And a memory to be savoured at the least little opportunity.

  13. I'm still laughing about the Domino effect.

  14. Lovely and amazing pictures - glad to hear you are safe!

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