September 8, 2008

Beyond Limits @ Chatsworth House

Mark Quinn - Planet

What could be more fun than an incredible sculpture exhibition at a stately home in England? If that appeals to you, then get yourself over to Chatsworth House (home of the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire, above) and see Beyond Limits, a selling exhibit of modern and contemporary sculptures, co-sponsored by Sotheby's.

Zaha Hadid - Kloris

The last time this was held, they sold nearly all of the 22 sculptures. The exhibition runs from September 9 until November 2, 2008.

Claude Lalanne - Pomme de New York 2006

Hmmmm... I will be there then!

American Love by Robert Indiana

Images: Guardian UK


  1. Wow, the first photo is UNBELIEVABLE!!

  2. That first photo made me catch my breath and then laugh!

  3. You must go, go, go! Say hello to the Duke for me!!!!

  4. My favorite house and just my kind of exhibit. I'd kill to be there.

  5. I envy you! I hope you have a fabulous birthday trip! My "Milestone" will be next summer....perhaps we are almost the same age? I have told my husband I would like to go to France. This exhibit looks wonderful! The floating baby is brilliant.I am glad you weathered the Hanna storm! (My daughter's name)Have a safe trip!

  6. baby that's big - fun - love the love - what's the green and white piece supposed to be - a lunar lilypad maybe

  7. That photo with the giant floating baby and the prim and proper looking couple holding an umbrella is just too, too wonderful.

  8. You must come to Kykuit -
    The sculptures in the garden are wonderful.
    These are fun.

  9. Again, you find images that are fresh to me. I had seen some but not the Indiana piece installed. Good research.

    Have a wonderful trip!!

  10. How fun! I love sculpture in the garden, especially if it is tongue-in-cheek or unexpected. Isn't Chatsworth House where they filmed the new P&P?

  11. I had seen a few photos of "Planet" but had no idea of the scale until now. I wish I could visit for the exhibition and for the house.


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