September 5, 2008

Hanna, Hanna Go Away

After spending much of the summer preparing for tomorrow's Pigtown Festival, it looks like it's going to be a wash-out. The forecast here in Baltimore is calling for 3-5 inches of rain and 40 mph winds throughout the day, and power outages all around. At lunch today, I saw trucks from the local gas & electric company driving around.
The skies are begining to cloud and there's been a steady breeze all day today. You can see on the image above from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), that the clouds are over Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay. Hanna's a huge storm, with high winds expected as far out as 300 miles from the eye.
I've been through more hurricanes than I can count, here on the Chesapeake Bay and along the Atlantic Coast. They all have names that resonate with people here - Isabel, which put several feet of water into downtown Baltimore and our architectural salvage warehouse; Hurricane David, which I remember because I was at the beach by myself and Agnes, a rare early June storm which made entire towns along the Patapsco River disappear.

Hanna's being closely followed by Ike, which will probably ruin the cocktail party we're having at work on our porch on Tuesday.


  1. Ugh, I've had plans all summer to go to Longwood Gardens tomorrow. It looks Hanna is going to wash out the fireworks performance.

  2. oh I am so sorry that the storm will wash-out the festival - are they thinking of moving the festival to Sunday - the day after a storm (snow storm that is) is usually beautiful - so maybe a period of brightness before the next onslaught of rain and wind. Hope they move it and you have a GREAT show!

  3. Oh man! these hurricanes are after the bloggers this year! All that work you did. well maybe you'll get lucky? jeez - I'm soooo sorry!


  4. fingers crossed that we just get a good soaking rain that we need and not much else :)

    hope they resched. your festival!

  5. Oh no! Maybe you will get a rain date... If not, will you be listing your things online?

  6. Well, this is just a case of bad timing: I was so looking forward to my trip to Baltimore and finally meeting you! another time :-(
    If you are still at the festival today, STAY SAFE!!


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