August 26, 2008

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

It was just about a year ago when Restoration Hardware was in a bit of financial trouble and was being sold at fire-sale prices. Sears was among the bidders, but eventually Catterton Partners won out and took the company private.
Since then, they've been having warehouse sales every other month and have closed Brocade Home. There's a note on BH's webpage saying that due to the volume of orders during their sale, they're not accepting new orders. Hmmmmm...
But they've also opened Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, which is currently only available on-line and through the catalogue, which I received today. The furniture looks like scaled-down versions of the regular items, except with lots of pale greens, pinks, blues and browns, with lots and lots of dots.
The very funniest thing about this is that on September 6th, we're having the Pigtown Festival. My neighbour and I are having a booth, so I've been working on things to sell for weeks now. Several of my creations are exactly like things I've seen in the catalogue! I hope that people don't think I've ripped their designs off, since they've just debuted this week! And my things are much less expensive and not made by some 13-year old in China.


  1. Love your logo!!!! What are you selling?

  2. oh -hehe - I LOVE when you get bitchy, PD :-) 'and not made by some 13 yr old in China'! I'll have to check out the child's line. I'm so glad Sears didn't win out in the end (nothing against sears!)

  3. What a great logo! Good luck at the festival! You'll have to report back how it went!!

  4. I love your design. No worries.

  5. love the crown - tell us more about what you will be selling

  6. there is a surprise for you on my blog!

    Hellooooo Gorgeous

  7. Great design! Love your work and all the best to you at the festival.

  8. You're one step ahead of me, when i got the catalog I was miffed that they stole my idea before I'd had a chance to put it to work and now Ballard Designs too! I want my crowns to be big though (maybe on a 36" square canvas) one king crown, one queen crown for the master bath. Still working on it.

  9. Your blog is stunning! I'm putting it on my front page when I love in.

  10. Interesting about Brocade Home (I always wondered about the mass appeal of that stuff)

    Your design is better!

  11. Please don't recommend Restoration Hardware to people. I have friends who are still waiting on Brocade Home orders after they shut it down a month ago. No one answers the phones, e-mails, etc. Their credit cards have been charged and nothing's been shipped. It's disgusting that they think they can roll out a new store w/ new investment and fuck over their old customers in the process.

  12. Anon... if you read carefully, you'll notice that I am not actually recommending RH.

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