August 31, 2008

More Flowers

I've been working hard on getting ready for the Pigtown Festival, which is Saturday, September 6th. My neighbour and I are having a booth there where we're selling our art. Or "art" in my case, since I just play with this.
Thanks to a promotion by AirTran, the festival's getting some national publicity, so we're expecting large crowds, which meant I had to double what the number of things I'll be selling. I am doing a lot of pig-themed art, including the Ville de Porc logo I created, as well as some canvases and hand-made books. Whew!
I did make some time to scoot out to the Book Thing this morning and got a real prize - a first edition of Irving Penn's Flowers. It's just a stunning book and I hope that in looking at the master's photographs, I will pick up some tips to take my flower pictures. With my new camera, I am able to take stunning close-ups of flowers, which never cease to amaze me.
I also got a copy of the 2004 book, House Beautiful Decorating School, which looks like it will be a good reference book. The images in it are lovely and present a variety of styles.
Another recent book acquisition, this time an actual PURCHASE, was Scalamandre Luxurious Home Interiors. There's an off-price book store near my office and sometimes when I am making a Starbux run, I pop in there. The Scalamandre book is just lush with loads of glorious images, featuring their spectacular fabrics.

As soon as the Festival's done, I will look forward to spending some down-time reading these books and studying the photographs. Posting may be a bit scant this week, but as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Meg,

    Great flower pictures.
    Please post more details about your new camera.

    Hope your art booth is a success.


  2. Another great score at the bookthing! What an amazing book, my grandparents have it. Irving Penn is my favorite photographer -he had such a great eye!

  3. Ooh, I love your handmade books. Is that Poe I see?? Marvelous!

  4. Pam... The house where Poe lived in Baltimore is a couple of blocks from where I live. My grandfather x 4 is buried in the same burying ground as Poe, and of course, our football team is the Ravens!

  5. Those are books? they are so beautiful!!!!! I was wondering what they were - kind of looked like coasters - which would be naother great thing for you to make - like on stone pieces. you really need my advice-not!

    You are soooo talented! I'm very impressed. Let us know if you do good at the sale. I hope so!!!

  6. I love your work! Hope you sell a ton!
    I think I have the Irving Penn book somewhere...
    And thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment - I am such a jittery fool with this damn wind and rain outside, so I made a boo boo and deleted all the comments today. I'm so sorry...

  7. Great find with the Irving Penn book - another triumph from the Book Thing.

    Good luck with the festival!

  8. exciting - I am sure you will have a great show - this is a great stepping stone to more ventures with your art.

  9. Good luck with the festival! It looks like a lot of fun and I know you'll do well :-)

  10. I'm so excited to see what you've come up with for the Pigtown Festival!

  11. Neighbour Lori... I'll give you a deal! ;-)

  12. The hand-made books are great. I predict great success at the sale.

  13. Ooo, severe book envy! LOL Now I'm going to have to see if I can find any of those on Alibris. :)

  14. Thank you for the book recommendations! I'm always on the lookout for decorating books and I enjoy readign your blog!


  15. Clearly Tropical Storm Hanna did not get the memo regarding this Saturday's Pigtown Festival. Hopefully, Hanna shows good manners and quickly changes course and heads out to sea. Good luck at the Festival.

  16. Oh, I am jealous! I am so sorry I missed the are a woman of many talents.

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