August 17, 2008

Golden Boy!

I was at the Farmers' Market this morning and all anyone was talking about was Michael Phelps' incredible string of gold medals! We are all so proud him and happy for his family. We love the positive light he's throwing onto Baltimore.
Last night at the pre-season Ravens v. Vikings game, thousands of people stayed to watch the race. At one point during the game, the words "Go Michael" flashed on the screens and the fans chanted it. Since Michael's a huge Ravens fan, it was shown to him just after his victory.

We are all so proud of Michael and his accomplishments and we can't wait to have him back home in Baltimore.

Image: NYTimes


  1. It must be so much fun to be in his hometown right now. The boy is a fish!

  2. The kids at Mrs. Phelps' school must be so excited! Enjoy the fun.

  3. School doesn't start for another few weeks, but I am sure that they're doing something special to welcome her back.

    I also heard that there's going to be a huge parade for Michael and for Katie Hoff, who's another swimmer here. No date yet, but after Athens, there were 10k people at the parade!

  4. I saw that rally! aw chat - he's just so adorable. did you see the interview with his mom ??? tissue time!


  5. If I ever run into him, I'm so giving him my number ;)


  6. Can you believe this guy or what!!


  7. He belongs to Baltimore for sure, but now he has the hearts of the whole world too - mine included!

  8. I just read that he's buying the swim club where he trained. YAY!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and of course for the tidbit on these awesome Olympic athletes. I don't want them to end!!! Hope your weekend is going well!


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