December 2, 2007

Weekend Update

It's been a busy weekend, as I am sure it is for you! There's so much going on in every part of town that it's hard to decide what to do.

More or less last minute, we decided to create and send a holiday card from Woodbourne, so after some mis-adventures without a tripod, I got a good shot of the building in all its finery and sent it off to the printers. We have wreaths on the windows and candles on the sills.
Yesterday was the Army/Navy game, and since the stadiums are just a few blocks from where I live, I took the dog and wandered over to watch the pre-game festivities, which included two parachute drops, flyovers by some jets and Blackhawk helicopters and a rousing version of the National Anthem. Here are the Blackhawks buzzing my neighbourhood!
Both the Army and the Navy parachutists jumped, the Navy specializing in coming down with speed and the Army, with aerial gymnastics. The amazing thing was one of the men setting down right on the 50-yard line!
After traffic cleared, I headed up to the local Craft Mafia's winter show, the Holiday Heap. There were some fun vendors there, including Rebound Designs who makes handbags out of books. Since I am such a book nut, I thought it would be fun to make a bag out of my "I Married Adventure" copy! Just kidding... but if you're looking for a copy, check ebay.
Since I was just a few blocks away, I heeded the siren call of the Book Thing. Unluckily, I had missed Kitchenography by thismuch. Luckily, she didn't take the "vintage" copies of Martha Stewart Living, issues 6-10 and then some early Christmas issues. When I went back today to drop things off, they were ALL gone!

Next weekend, I am showing some of my digital designs at my neighbour's jewelry show. She's got an etsy shop, so take a look there. She's an art-teacher in the public schools and is very creative and talented.
If you want to read about one of the dinners, click here!


  1. Great shot for the card!

    What a busy bee you've been :-)

  2. I love the card! wow you are so busy. Ask me what I did this weekend. nothing. ok. I'm lazy, not like you. you actually walked around? strange girl.


  3. Beautiful card Fairfax! Looks great despite lack of tripod!

  4. I finally made it to Book Thing this weekend! What a great little place! . . . BTW, speaking of things going on around Baltimore, have you seen the new Design*Sponge Baltimore guide?


  5. Oh, the building looks so perfect! I love it...maybe I'll have to come by a see it for myself. So Christmassy!

  6. WOW! Totally agree with everyone about loving the card! Beautiful.

  7. Yes, yes! Would love to come for a visit ~ I will send you an email and maybe we can arrange something!


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