December 13, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

Yep, Christmas is in 11 days. I have not finished shopping. I have not sent any cards, and am especially late for the overseas ones. I did put up my wreath. I did buy a tiny little silver tinsel Christmas tree from Target for $1.00 because I don't have space for a real one. It's semi-tasteful and when I am finished, I can put it back together and store it in a paper-towel roll.

I am fairly traditional and have always had a live tree. We used to tromp around the country-side when we were children and chop our own trees down. Of course, there are housing developments there now.

I do like some artificial trees and fully understand the need for them. My blog-buddy, Le Coterie has a terrific pink one called "Oh, Shift" decorated with tiny little Lily Pulitzer print ornaments.* Cute, clever,funny and tasteful!
Honestly, I don't think there's any way I would ever have a black feathers Christmas tree like the one I saw at Target! Or a 14-foot tall red shimmering tree that cost $1600, unless I was in some new circle of hell, possibly a designer one. The red one comes in a new slim size, too!
If I ever contemplated buying a Musical Lights Christmas tree, I would trust that one of my family or friends would see fit to lock me up until the contemplation passed. I can't imagine anything worse than walking up a pathway and having the fake tree light up and start singing. I think that would be a certain cue to leave... or drink a lot to recover from the shock of it all.
As my mother says "there is no accounting for some people's taste" and this time of year, there's no accounting at all!
*Oh Shift image reprinted with permission


  1. Or a 14-foot tall red shimmering tree that cost $1600, unless I was in some new circle of hell, possibly a designer one.

    That circle of hell is set aside specifically for the person who designed that idiotic red tree! That and the black feather one - or what I am inclined to call the "Madam Tree".

  2. some new circle of hell, possibly a designer one. Ha!

  3. Oh those feather trees are awful! They remind me of those cheap boas. I bet they have them in bordellos nationwide!

  4. You've opened my eyes...I didn't realize they made feather trees! I'm rather speechless.

  5. Quoth the tree 'nevermore.' What kind of Addams family Christmas traditions did that designer grow up with?

  6. My mother was in a nursing home. At the front desk they had a life- sized snowman on a motion-detector. When someone got too close, he started to sing and dance.

    I think that's worse than the Musical Lights Tree?

  7. ok, the first tree would be darling in a little girl's nursery. The others are the fugliest trees I ever seen. Listen, I never had a tree before in my life, so imagine how excited I was to finally get to celebrate Christmas when I got married. Consider this: my inlaws had the oldest, ugliest, fake tree decorated with old ornaments that the boys had made in elementary school over 30 years before. oy! I was SO disappointed. One year I finally convinced them to get a real tree and let me decorate it with new ornaments. Wow - I went crazy with the bows and the matching colored orbs and all the crap you see in magazines. Finally, a Webb designed Christmas tree after 40+ years of pent up Noel envy. We only did that one year. The old fake tree went back up the next year. Even my sister in law in Chappell Hill where we celebrate broke down and bought a fake one with lights attached. I did buy the new Thymes fir candle - it makes your house smell like a fresh tree - Meg, get that candle, it will be great for you without the real thing!!

  8. I am really coveted the pink feathered tree at Michael's. For TWO years now!

  9. I can't imagine Christmas without a real tree...

    - Julie

  10. obviously, there is something wrong with me because i love love love the feather trees. but then again, no one ever said I had class

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