December 9, 2007

Cecil Beaton

Cecil Beaton has always been a fascinating character to me, ever since I saw his beautiful costumes for My Fair Lady's horse racing scene. He was also one of the British Royal Family's photographers in the 40's and 50's. I don't know a lot about him, but I am going to find out by reading his diaries from 1965 until 1980.

I found two copies of his diaries which were published in 2002 at Book Thing this afternoon, along with a couple of copies of House & Garden from the Louis Gropp years. The diaries are about 800 pages total, with lots of illustrations, so I better get reading.


  1. Yes -- a fabulous find! I love the cover illustrations. You seem to find some amazing things at the Book Thing.


  2. And free too!!! right? great picks!!

  3. You lucky devil! We want book reports when you're finished!

  4. Ooh, that should be good. Have you read The Glass of Fashion? One of my faves!

  5. You're killing me with your great finds at Book Thing. Is it a chain? Because if it is, we need one in Denver. And if not, then I'm going to open one here. I love books. LOVE.

  6. Very lucky Fairfax! These cost a fortune in boutiques.


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