December 16, 2007

Christmas Ennui

I can't believe it's less than 10 days until Christmas and I still have not done some of the major things, like finishing shopping, sending cards and feeling the spirit...
We're heading up to NYC for a day of shopping this week, so hopefully that will put me in the mood. The Blonde, the Redhead and I (the Brunette) have been taking this trip in December for many years, with varying degrees of success. One year, some of the group wanted to go to a bar in the Village where one of the bartenders was a character on a soap opera. I declined that and found my way to Soho for some power-shopping.

We always spend a little time in Chinatown, mostly because of my affection for Pearl River Mart, which I remember from the old days on top of the stalls on Canal Street. It took several tries to find it, but when I did, it was worth it for its amazing silk-brocade covered books, beautiful china and "ivory" and "tortoise shell" toothbrushes.
This year, the Redhead wants to go to the new CB2, the younger sibling of Crate & Barrel in Soho, I want to go to Muji, the Japanese minimalist store, which I loved in London. They are very close to each other, but I am sure we'll all go in both.The Blonde wants to get shoes. She's also going to go see The Color Purple on Broadway and got a great deal on tickets.
We will end the day, as we always do, with a photo in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center.


  1. I had hoped to make it up to NYC soon. Already my schedule has changed so I can't go up before Christmas. I was shooting for an overnight right after New Years, when hotel rates are much cheaper and Broadway tickets are actually available. But with the Richmond trip this week, I think I'll just save the time, money and energy. Young Frankenstein will still be playing for a while, right?

  2. that sounds like such a wonderful day. I would love to see NYC at Christmas time. That is on my life to do list.
    Happy Shopping.
    PS....great job on the new header. Love that it is so festive.

  3. Time for an unabashed Christmas movie viewing fest. Please begin with "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

    As soon as Linus begins with "Lights, please..." I'm all aglow. But I've always been a sap beneath this ever-so-thin veneer of sophistication.

  4. Sounds like a fun tradition you and your friends have. New York is the Christmas city, isn't it? If a trip there doesn't put you in a Christmas mood, there's probably no hope. Although it's your first Christmas without your father and I think it would be hard to feel in the spirit of Christmas when a big part of your Christmas is missing.

    - Julie

  5. You have to go to mxyplyzyk! One of my all-time favorite fun stores in NYC. 125 Greenwich Ave. at 13th.

  6. Have fun! Pearl River is a favorite of Bunny Williams too!

  7. Never fear - it all always manages to get finished. Even for me - who is very close to your situation but those three little faces will be oh-so-sad if I don't get a move on! Have a blast on your trip.

  8. Go to Spotted PIg- great hot spot in the village. It is partially owned by Jamie Oliver


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