December 26, 2007

The Dog Cooperated

Poor House... his dogs were not cooperating for his holiday photo of them. My dear Yellow Labrador Retriever, Connor, is the canine Greta Garbo and just wants to be left alone - especially when there's a camera nearby. I pull out the camera to download photos or shoot some still-life photo and he just heads out of the room.

Some magical Christmas spirit must have taken hold yesterday when he actually practically POSED for photos. Maybe it was because he knew how sweet he looked in his Christmas bow. He loves to prop his chin on things, regardless of whether it's a footstool or a toy.

My lovely mother gave me Bunny Williams' Point of View for Christmas. She and I had both seen the same article in the New York Times a couple of months ago and commented on some of the things Bunny had said. I can't wait to spend some time devouring this book and the gorgeous photographs.


  1. Even if the divo puppy wouldn't cooperate, that's still an adorable photo! Happy Second Day of Christmas!

  2. What a sweetheart.
    Love the sofa, too - gorgeous!

  3. Williams's book is another little gift "from me, to me." that I picked up while shopping for other - I swear, I did shop for others. Promise me you will read it - not just look at the pictures. I mean, I know you,haunter of "book thing" will read it. The text is as good at the pictures - you will be so inspired.

  4. Wah- I didn't get ONE book. I did get a gift certificate (even THOUGH I have an amazon WISH LIST, and left huge hints. Well, I just ordered this and the rest I wanted, Fowler, Charlotte Moss, and a few more.

    F- Thanks for the nice note on my blog about Christmas. Yes, I agree about the old ornaments. They're my favorites!

  5. What an irresistible face. Such soulful eyes!

    Hope you and Connor both had a wonderful Christmas.

  6. What a beautiful dog! My springer is scared to death of the camera too! Everytime I bring it out she goes running and hiding away. My little though, omg - she's the biggest ham. Guess which dog is the smartest one I've ever owned? I think that book cover is one of my favorites ever - I could look at that picture forever. Great choice by your mom.

  7. I am loving that Bunny Williams book. The printing and photography are stellar, as is the content.


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