September 11, 2007

Pillow Talk

I love pillows. I think that accent pillows are the jewelry in a room... especially if they're done well. I was reading the NY Times "Key" magazine on property this afternoon (it takes all week to read the Sunday edition) and there were four rooms from country singers in Nashville. One of them caught my eye and kept me staring, but in horror, not admiration.
LeAnn Rimes, the singer who had her first hit at age 13, had designed this and maybe other rooms in her house. I applaud her for that undertaking, but I am left to wonder what's up with the pillows! If you look carefully, there are pillows on almost the entire surface of both sofas, with barely room to sit. They're all chopped in the middle, too. And then there are the pillows on the floor. Not big poofy sitting pillows either. I can't imagine just plunking down on those!

This room adjoins the kitchen, so I am sure that it's a sitting room. But when you want to sit on the facing sofas, do you have to throw all of those pillows on the floor with the others? I need someone to explain this to me. Any helpers?


  1. I agree with you on the pillows. That is rather odd all those pillows on the sofas. What do you do with them??? I think they can really tie a room together and make drab furniture pop.

  2. This is too bizarre - had she not done it herself, I would have said it was a clear case of decorator's revenge. Since that is not the case, clearly the pillows have been at the quadrotriticale.

  3. LOL! That's just insane. Where does one sit?

    Am I mean Klingon if I want to weedwhacker to all these pillows?

  4. I just had to comment, I am all for people having their own style and don't like to criticize people's personal taste too much, but come on LeAnn! Where are you supposed to sit? I think design needs to fit with life and I guess in her life, no one sits down. Poor girl, she needs to stick with singing, or have a pillow sale!

    PS, Nice blog, I am going to look around some more, I just found you!

  5. Perhaps she was a victim of an over-zealous salesperson? One can only hope. Sheesh!

  6. It's an explosion of pillows. I've never seen this many in one room before.

  7. Not loving all the pillows. I only have pillows on beds...I hate having to move them from couches so I don't have them on mine. Just a waste of space and fabric.

    Thanks for coming by my blog!!

  8. G*d this is fugly. really, truly.



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