September 6, 2007

Paper Source

Around this time last year, I was in Chicago for the wedding of two dear friends of mine. I went with two other dear friends who had lived in Chicago, and so knew I would have a great couple days exploring the city. I was content to let others make the agenda, taking the architectural tour on the river, visiting Millennium Park, and eating at lots of great places. Oh, and the wedding at the Adler Planetarium!

The only thing that I wanted to do was to go shopping at the Paper Source. I love their motto: Do Something Creative Every Day! Somehow, I had gotten onto their e-mail list and with every mailing they showed the yummiest papers, most creative ideas and gorgeous cards, envelopes and wrapping papers. So before the wedding, I left everyone in a bar watching Colorado play football and headed off to Paper Source.
It was like walking into a treasure chest. They have papers from Japan and India, calendars from Italy, incredible book binding and journaling supplies, papers of every colour and size and much more. They also have a comprehensive set of instructions for projects you might want to undertake on your own. They have wonderful letterpress cards and notes.
There is a great colour-scope on-line that explains why you might like one colour over another.
I bought a few little Kolo photo albums and gave them to my hosts and the wedding couple as presents. I had taken photos all weekend and assembled them into these mini 2.5 x 2.5 inch books.
Great place...


  1. We have a Paper Source in KC and it is heaven. Most of the folk who work there are at the Art Institute and offer loads of helpful advice. My boys hate it - I always take too long. "Just for a minute...", "No, Mom, please not the paper store."

  2. Here's a link to the sculpture... and yes, House, it is a Kapoor. It's incredible in person.


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