September 19, 2007

Carleton Varney, Part IX - Mirrored Furnishings

I have been busy at work, designing brochures and other collateral material for the organization where I work, so I am just trying to sneak in a post here... I turned to my old buddy, Carleton Varney for inspiration for this post.
As usual, Carleton didn't let me down. I cracked open the book to the title "Mirrored Furnishings", a perfect topic. Carleton says "Mirrored furnishings can bring a lot of life, colour and drama into your home... Modern furnishings are not restricted to the modern style. There are many smoked-mirror tables that are perfect in French or any other period room."
There are lots of great mirrored pieces available these days at places ranging from JC Penney to ABC Carpet and Home and Horchow Collection. You should be sure to use mirrored furniture sparingly, as an accent. More than one or two pieces and your room will look like like a fun house. Be prepared to clean the mirrors often if it's in a high traffic area, like a hallway.
Visually, mirrored furniture is light and bright. A small side table with a collection on top would be a great accent. A mirrored hall table would add light to a hallway. Mirrored furniture is evocative of a deco look or glamorous 40's Hollywood. If you're not comfortable having a table or chest that's mirrored, start with a Venetian mirror over an existing piece. Also, be careful not to overdo it!


  1. I really want two mirrored nightstands! I will have them made here in Marrakech.

  2. I love mirrored furniture . i try to buy vintage ones ...but it is getting harder

  3. I obsessed over mirrored furniture,my next diy project will be build my own mirrored dresser.I'm still looking for a great dresser to come along.Also a great alternative for a budget friendly furniture is Homegoods, they have a great selection of mirrored furniture, with a super great price.You just have to keep checking they store once in while and maybe you get lucky.


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