September 13, 2007

Dorothy Draper Auction Catalogue Available

The catalogue for the Dorothy Draper Auction on September 29 at the Potomack Auction rooms is now available on-line. They are accepting on-line bids for the items. Here are some of the pieces that will be available. There are 209 lots in the Draper section.

One of the fascinating items on the block is a pair of screens that were used to hide the doors to the underground bunker at the Greenbrier. This was where Congress and the Cabinet would hide out in case of a nuclear threat during the Cold War.
The estimates seem very reasonable - chairs starting at $30, head and footboards for $100. There is also a lot of artwork in addition to the furniture and furnishings.

I think that there will be a lot of interest in this auction. I am certainly going to try and go!


  1. Wow! I just the new header. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Love love love the new header!!!

    Fun catalog to have even if you can't go!

  3. You probably know this already, but: I found out from a friend last night that the Watergate Hotel in DC is liquidating all of its stuff - I mean EVERYTHING, down to the letters that spelled the hotel's name in the lobby. Most of it will be too rich for my blood, but I may be able to find something for my new place. It started last weekend and is supposed to continue until everything's gone.

  4. John... I heard that the Watergate sale was MOBBED on the first day.

  5. Yep, from what I heard. Mostly lookie-loos trying to see the famous suite where the break-in happened (that floor is now closed off to the public). The rest of the hotel is open. I got 12 wine glasses and 12 matching pieces of Lenox china, along with an ironing board and holder and a coat rack. I got all of that home except for three of the china plates >:( Of course, this was after I misplaced my keys and spent 45 minutes running around the damn hotel looking for them! Most of the furniture is pretty cheap, but still more than I can pay right now. Massive entertainment centers for $395, with most chairs and side tables between $100 and $200, and most upholstered chairs for a few hundred more.

  6. Oh my, what I wouldn't give to be there. And it is very comforting to know that our government can wait out that nuclear threat in style. $30 for a chair?!?


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