July 28, 2007

Grace Kelly - 25 Years Later

What becomes a legend? Grace Kelly has become a legend and remains a style incon 25 years after her death in an accident. Think about what's iconic about her - her cool crisp style, her classic movies, including To Catch a Thief, High Society, the Hermes Kelly bag, her way with an elegantly tied scarf...
I recently read this book by costume designer Edith Head who talked about outfitting Grace Kelly for some of her movies, in glamorous short evening dresses, an impeccably tailored suit, a full-skirted floral dress, and casual jeans for Rear Window. Head also designed the ice blue outfit that Kelly wore to the Academy Awards where she won the Oscar for Country Girl. Images of Princess Grace from 50 years ago retain their classic good look, with hardly a fashion mis-step. How many other actresses can we say that about?
Two of the most famous French luxury lines, Cartier and Hermes, outfitted Kelly and the items she wore have become timeless classics.
While it's difficult to believe Princess Grace has been gone for 25 years, her legacy lives on in her philanthropic work with the Red Cross and with the Princess Grace Foundation in the US which funds theatre, dance and drama, and through her three children. Follow this link to an article in the UK's Guardian newspaper about an exhibition in Monaco this summer on Princess Grace.


  1. Oleg Cassini was a huge influence on her as well.
    The other two, on the same level of flawlessness, that spring to mind are Audrey Hepburn - and a home grown favourite Katherine Hepburn.

  2. Hey House... did you see the article about her in the Guardian yesterday? G-2 section.

  3. Great minds think alike! I had written a short post on the exhibit which I hope will come to Philly.

    Edith Head's grandson lives in Princeton. A decorating friend of ours did a lot of work on their house. Of course I was dying to get in there.

  4. *sigh* Grace Kelly! She and Audrey Hepburn are my style icons. I don't think I can take too many exact cues from Kelly due to completely opposite physical appearances.

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