July 28, 2007

Dorothy Draper SCORE!

I wish I could yell "goal" like the announcers on the World Cup do, because that's what I scored this afternoon! Got the goal, scored the big one and won the game. I went by the Book Thing after work today (yes, I do work Saturdays), just to see, and because I felt it calling my name. They're only open on Saturdays and Sundays, so I have a limited window to get there.

I got there and the power was out in the whole area, but they were still open. They're in an old warehouse, so there was enough ambient light that I could pick titles out. I went to the decorating section first, and there, glimmering in the darkness was Dorothy Draper's "Decorating is Fun!". Yeeha! No cover, but it looks like it's a first edition. It has a preface by Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt. I just checked Amazon and they had two original copies, starting at $99.95. Once again, the Book Thing is a goldmine!


  1. Congrats!!!!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer person :-)

    I think I might need to take a ride down there and check out this Book Sense!

  2. Ooops, I meant Book Thing!

  3. Hold on to that great find - I have seen 1st editions for $300 in NY. Lucky!
    Will have a look for the G article - thanks!

  4. I love it when that happens. And this is indeed a fun book. Draper has some of the best stories about her clients and how their lives change through her decorating expertise.


    Isn't the Book Thing just wonderful? All the cool stuff you can find there! I have dumped so many books there that I just didn't want anymore but I knew were great books. Magazines, too. And I've picked up a few, including some teach-yourself Italian AND Hebrew books!

    And if the person who left what you scored reads your post, he or she will probably just scream. And not in a good way. You GO girl!

  6. Hey! Very nice new banner!
    P.S. I am referencing your blog in a post on maps!

  7. Do they have an online store for the rest of us?????


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