July 24, 2007

Brown and...

Brown isn't one of the colours that I usually wear, but I am sort of coming around to it recently. It all started with a gorgeous brown linen skirt from Talbots that I normally wouldn't have looked at twice. Then I had to figure out what to wear with it and started noticing how good brown looks with some other colours like pink, green and blue, especially the paler shades of these.
I have some wonderful thank you notes in a pale pink with a chocolate brown script. The envelope interiors are brown and pink stripes. K-Style had a gorgeous wedding invitation on her site with a aqua and brown peacock feather. It's from Hello Lucky, a small press.
I also found some fun invitations/notecards from BizzyBee Creations that were pink, green and brown. She's also got some other cute cards on her site. Check it out.
I love this cheetah and green bag from Ballard Design. It would be a great summer bag and would carry your trashy chick lit book to the beach, or on the subway. I also love this brown and aqua wallet from Etsy. What's your favourite combination?


  1. I just love those pink and brown thank-you cards. Thanks for the info. :)


  2. I do love brown - it also looks great with red.
    For a sophisticated mix -pair it with grey and accent with pink - very understated and chic.

  3. I’ve always worn a lot of chocolate browns, but always with black. I just love the way everyone is mixing browns with pink, blue and green…very yummy! My sister is doing her son’s nursery in blues and brown (toile, checks and stripes).

  4. My favorite brown combos are brown/pink, brown/icy blue, and brown/lavender.

  5. Brown is my black. I think black is very harsh on me, so pretty much everything I own either is brown, or goes with it. Love it!

  6. As a redhead, i always shied away from browns. but lately, i discovered i really like browns, as long as they are warm and rich. I don't care for browns with too much green or yellow in them...
    the brown/pastel color rage has been going strong for a while now. i feel like it all started when Martha Stewart paired chocolate brown and powder blue together. it's really taken off from there.

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