June 13, 2007

New Diana Books

It's fast coming up on the 10th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, and the new books are just hitting the bookshelves. First up is Tina Brown's book called "The Diana Chronicles", which sounds like the Princess Diary... It's interesting that Tina Brown has written this book as she was the editor of the UK's Tatler magazine when Diana was a bride, and often published stories in Vanity Fair later on. I think some of the most beautiful photos of Diana were published in VF.
There is also Diana, The Portrait, published by PQ Blackwell, a leading illustrated book publisher. This is the only book authorized by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. There are more than 400 photographs in this book, including some by Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino.
Both of these books have very similar covers, featuring Diana's distinctive signature in red/pink, with white backgrounds and black writing.
This might be an alternate cover, because I've seen this and the signature one...


  1. Are you going to read the Tina Brown book?

  2. Congratulations on being mentioned in the WP. Ms. Sapienza is impressed!


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