June 11, 2007


Every bone in my body hurts and I am not looking forward to tomorrow, because I don't think I will be able to lift my arms. Today was wallpapering day at Miss MA's house and we did all of the work. The paper, which I showed you in CV, Part III, is 27" wide and the walls are eight feet high. The paper wasn't pre-pasted, so we had to go buy wallpaper paste, which basically looks like a bucket of snot. I had an old wallpaper kit with brushes, rollers and razors, so that helped a lot. Because the pattern is a trellis, it had to be matched perfectly and the drop is 27", so there was a lot of cutting to make things fit. We're still not done, but the bit we have left isn't too daunting.

There are some wonderful wallpaper patterns these days after years of ho-hum ones. Casapinka has just wallpapered her entry hall with some great graphic black and white printed paper from Wallpapers from the 70's. Is that George Michael I see in that photo? Wham!
When I Googled hand-printed wallpapers, I came up with a lot of UK companies. Every house I lived in there had wallpaper in almost every room. There are some very traditional papers in the tradition of William Morris and some very contemporary ones from young designers like Deborah Bowness whose wallpapers look like they're rolling off the walls.


  1. I had a wallpaper hanger show up one time to hang a very fab B&F that was not pre-pasted. He took one look and backed away slowly. Kudos to you for getting it (almost) done - and staying friends to boot!

  2. That paper looks like Shagreen. Very interesting effect.

  3. Love the wallpaper. Going at it myself this evening in Hampden up the road from you. Worried as this is my first attempt at wallpaper and it's not pre-pasted. Glad to know I'm not the only one jumping in head first! Now I just have to convince the BF that wallcoverings are "in".


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