June 24, 2007

Hat Trick

I love hats and have a small collection of them, including a great hot pink straw hat that I wear with a black grosgrain ribbon with white stitching, fastened with a diamond pin in the shape of a rose. I love the long ribbons tapping on my shoulders. The pink is a very flattering colour and the shape is perfect for my face.
I was reading something yesterday and was reminded of how very much I love the terrific hats by Aussie, Helen Kaminski. She first designed raffia hats to protect her children's skin from the blazing Australian sun and then branched out from there. Her hats are not inexpensive but they do last and can be rolled up and stuffed in a corner of your suitcase, washed easily and worn well.
In the UK, wearing hats is much more accepted than in the US. You can even rent hats to match the outfit you're wearing to a wedding. June 21 was Ladies' Day at Ascot where everyone shows off their amazing hats. I have collected a sampling from the BBC's website, which shows some of the more outlandish ones. Do click on the link to read the comments, which are hilarious!
Which hat do you like best?


  1. The commentary was pretty funny, especially for the tan lady. I like the feathery ones. If you're going to go all out why not!

  2. those were funny comments. i like the red feathery one with yellow and pink feathers.

  3. When I was in London over Thanksgiving, I bought a winter wool hat from Lock (for practical purposes). But what I really fell in love with were all of those feathery confections! Alas, no place to wear those!

  4. It was funny at my wedding in Dublin. On the bride's side all the Yanks with a few hats because they felt they were acceptable or de rigeur, and on the groom's side hat CRAZINESS - feathers and flowers in all colors of the rainbow. The pews faced each other and I wonder what was going on in the minds of each side!

  5. I have a Kaminski hat too and have been wearing it regularly for the last eight summers! I love hats.

    Little Red

  6. I like the texture and colr of the very first hat you have featured.


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