June 18, 2018

Vacation Snaps!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind past two weeks. I put more than 900 miles on the car, traveled from Lyme Regis to York, attended a wedding, went to the theatre, stayed in eight places over fourteen nights, took planes, trains and automobiles, drank more in the past two weeks than I have in the past five months, saw loads of friends and family, never used my umbrella, and overall had a ball! And so, I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures from the trip with you.

The view from my room in Somerset. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the house which was stone with a thatched roof!image

The town of Lyme Regis on the south coast of England. A prime place for fossil hunting. The fog rolled in and I couldn’t capture a picture of the cliffs.image

The Mini Cooper Clubman that I drove. This was after an accidental foray down what appeared to be a donkey cart track, via my GPS!image

Incoming tide at Southerndown Beach in Wales. The tides have a 30-foot range!image

One of my favourite churches – the Norman-era Sts. Mary & David in Herefordshire.image

The corbels below the eaves are just charming. image

This was about a 40 minute detour, but worth every minute!image

The knights used to stop at this pub in Nottingham before the left for the Crusades.image

Yorkminster. Simply amazing.image

Absolutely enormous!image

I love touring stately homes. This is Beningbrough Hall outside of York.image

The family couldn’t afford plasterwork, so everything was carved in wood, and then painted. In the early 1900’s, the owner stripped all of the paint, and left the bare wood.image

This is what it would have looked like. I love the two lamps on either side of the fireplace.image

I love old country churches! This was in Sheriff Hutton, which is a great name for a village.image

There was a LOT of drinking.image

The Wedgwood Museum was gorgeous, but the layout was awful. image

It’s always fun to see something you owned in a museum!image

I spotted Barlaston Hall from a distance and then managed to find my way to see it up close. Look at those amazing windows!!image

It was a disaster for many years, but is now used as an event space.image

Twekesbury Abbey, circa 1200. It boggles my mind how these places were built.image

We spent part of a summer in the town where this church is located, and I’ve been back a few times.image

I couldn’t resist this country auction with my cousin, but had to sit on my hands so I wouldn’t bid. image

The flat where I stayed in London had a massive private garden.image

From the top of Parliament Hill, looking out over London.image

I missed the Chelsea Flower Show by a few days, but many of the shops in Chelsea were still decorated.image


All in all, a great trip that went seamlessly!image

But honestly, I was glad to get home!


  1. Thanks fo sharing these photos. The scenery is stunning and I always enjoy the architecture. Do you remember who the woman in that massive portrait over the fireplace at Beningbrough is? Would love to see inside Barlaston Hall! It's always bittersweet when such a fabulous trip comes to an end.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! It looks like a lovely trip.


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