June 25, 2018

There Was a House in Nantucket…

… that is owned by someone I know, and was recently featured in Architectural Digest, with an article written by former blogger, Mitch Owen of Aesthete’s Lament. I’d had a bit of a preview of the piece when the owner shared the book that Markham Roberts, the decorator, had produced for her. The house isn’t exactly nautical-themed, as many there are, but it does have dashes here and there of the ocean and beaches that surround the island. One thing that I noticed was the number of quilts scattered around the house. You KNOW I love quilts, so it was fun to see so many!

I thought I’d share some of the pictures of this wonderful house, all from Architectural Digest’s June issue.

Symmetry rules in the entrance hall, where a pair of Delft-vase lamps and objets d’art sit on an antique table from John Rosselli antiques.image

Painted panels by Bob Christian hang in the living roomimage

In the paneled living room, a mix of patterned and printed fabrics covers the custom sofa and pillows, along with an antique quilt.image

Custom dining chairs are slipcovered in a No. 9 Thompson linen. Painted floor by Bob Christian.image

Raoul Textiles linen covers the seating at the kitchen table. Custom pot rack by Ann Morris.image

A pair of 19th-century English armchairs in a GP & J Baker stripe cozy up to the living-room fireplace.image

In the master bedroom, Roberts deployed the same Bennison floral chintz on the walls, curtains, lamp shades, pillows, and vanity skirt.image

A John Robshaw Textiles linen covers the master bath’s vaulted ceiling.image

A flock of painted-wood shorebirds by Pat Gardner perch above the guest bathtub.image

A stone path leads to a marsh.image

Hope you enjoyed this tour!


  1. I saw this layout a few days ago. Love the house! They did everything right. It's what a Nantucket house should be. Not cutesy or too white. Thanks for sharing, Meg.

  2. I feel relaxed just viewing these pictures .. just enough color and a little fussiness does the trick! The slip treatment on the settee with the box pleats is very appealing.

  3. Whenever I feel the Gaines are taking over the world, I see something in this line, and my heart is happy.

  4. Thanks for the tour. I'll pick up the June issue. Love Nantucket!


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