May 29, 2018

For Sale: My Favourite Baltimore Building

My favourite building in Baltimore is on the market. It has no bedrooms and one sketchy bathroom, no kitchen, but a great fireplace and a wood-burning stove. image

This building, which has been home to Housewerks Salvage for the past dozen or so years, started its life as a gas pumping station in the late 1800’s. imageMore than 100 years later, the building is still solid as a rock, and you can still see the arched vaults where the pipes for the gas came through.image

The classic architecture of this building has always enchanted me.image I still remember the first time I saw this building, probably in 2000 or so. We were looking for a space for another architectural salvage business that I helped found. We knew the area where we wanted to locate, so I took myself down to see what was there. I came around a corner and saw this building and almost crashed my car. I took pictures, and immediatly went to have them developed (!).

Buildings of this period were so beautifully built – whether they were industrial buildings or gracious homes. You can still see the remains of the tracery in the plaster walls.image

The woodwork is still intact and just enhances the classic elegance of the space.image

Before it became Housewerks, the building was used as a photography studio, and in its new life, I am sure it will be equally interesting. imageI’ve spent countless hours in this building at parties and wedding receptions, poking through the dusty wares and fascinating objects, and just hanging out in front of the roaring fire on a cold morning, catching up with the owners, both of whom are good friends. image

While I am sad to see the building being sold, I know that the next iteration of it will be amazing, and the two owners will go on to new and exiting ventures. Here is the listing for the building.

Photos from MLIS Listing.


  1. I love this place! This is just terrible news!

  2. Hope they're moving to a much larger facility with room for more stuff. LOVE HOUSEWERKS!

  3. Hello Meg, This looks like it could be converted into a great individual house. I bet that I could fill it with more stuff than Housewerks ever dreamed of!


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