May 1, 2018

#ThisIsBaltimore: It’s FINALLY Spring!

It’s May 1, and the temperatures have finally gotten above 70*! Actually, we had an odd 80* day in Febrauary, but it settled back down and snowed another few times. I love spring in Baltimore and all of the associated events like garden festivals and horse races!

Even though I’ve been frantically busy, I have made some time for fun. So, here’s some of my spring, so far.

The Patterson Park Pagoda. It was freezing cold when I took this!image

This used to be a firehouse, but was divided into apartments, and now it’s empty. image

I was unexpectedly invited to  Orioles’ opening day at Camden Yards, right in downtown Baltimore.image

Tulips (from the grocery store) were plentiful during this cold spring.image


The spring horse-racing and drinking season was off to a great start.image

Our friend, Justin, on Class Indian, leads the field and clears the fence easily.image

I skipped out of work to attend a luncheon at the Walters Art Museum.image

No matter what time of the day or the year I photograph this allee of trees, it’s always stunning.image

My friend, Jake, did the flowers at a recent wedding. Absolutely stunning. image

Our flowers for the Maryland Hunt Cup. Blockade, the horse that had won the trophy that the flowers were in, had won the race 80 years earlier!image

England or America? Hard to tell!image

I love friends with benefits… in this case, a whole hedge of lilacs, mine for the taking!image

Thanks for being patient with my sporadic postings!

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  1. Beautiful photos. I can feel your spring. And happy to hear you're making the most of it.


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