April 12, 2018


I’ve written about my bestie, Andrea,from Bosom Buddy Bags for years. She designs hand-bags, floral arrangements, and much more. She’s had some big changes in her life – foremost, her first grandchild – and is scaling back. She and her husband, whose family owned the Stieff Silver Company, are having a sale on Everything But The House! And some of her gorgeous silver and collections can be yours. I thought I’d share some of my favourite selections from the sale with you.

Sterling silver bull, bear and penguin.image

Mackenzie Childs flower arrangement with hurricane. Someone, not mentioning any names, designs for them.image

Kirk-Stieff Red "Cloisonné Embassy" Flatware. This was the first set of silver I bought for myself.


Assorted silver, including some made for the White House.image

Silverplate Chinese Fortune Cookiesimage

Five Stieff Pewter Washington Camp Cups… or julep cups!image

Edwardian-style containers. Line with moss and use as centerpieces!image

1,850 Lincoln Wheat Pennies! Glad I didn’t have to count them!image

Salt & Pepper shakers and Cigarette Urns. PERFECT for tiny flower arrangements!image

Stieff Christmas Ornaments and Perfume Atomizersimage

The sale goes on until Monday, April 16th at 8:15 p.m. Eastern Time. Bid early and often!


  1. I do kind of love that it was only the first set of silver you bought for yourself and that there were more:).

  2. Please tell Andrea (and her husband) that I love my Steiff Rose and use it everyday. I have my mom’s and my own sets. Family heirlooms!


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