May 30, 2017


It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since this little girl came into my life! As much as I loved Connor, Figue is like a totally different type of creature. imageFirst, she’s portable. I can just pick her up and sling her over my shoulder with no problem. When she’s out back and won’t come in, I just head out, grab her and bring her in. imageAnother huge difference between Figue and Connor is that Figue doesn’t shed! I do have to have her groomed every other month, with a face clip in between. But honestly, I really hate to cut her beautiful golden curls off. image

She looks completely different – so much so, that the first time she was groomed, I didn’t even recognize her! Until she started barking.

That’s another funny thing about Figue – she is a barker. And a yeller! She sits on her ottoman in front of the window and watches the world go by. And barks at everything. imageShe also yells – it starts out as sort of a wobbly, gutteral growl and builds into a full shriek by a 70 year old woman who smokes and drinks. It’s pretty freaky. Click here to see and hear what she sounds like.

Figue loves her vintage American quilt and can often be found curled up on or under it. image

I have to say that my favourite picture of Figue, and one which encapsulates her energy and boldness, is this one.


Happy Fig-iversary, my little girl! I am so happy that I found you!


  1. Congrats on finding eachother! Was she a rescue from a local shelter? Have a friend looking to rescue a small pup.

    1. "Finding each other" is one of life's miracles. CHEERS to you and Figue, Meg! xo

  2. She's such a character! Love her!

  3. I think she is so magnificent! Thank you for rescuing her & I also thank her for rescuing you!!! How could anyone resist that darling face......or yours either, for that matter!!! ;-)

  4. Aw! I am SO GLAD you found someone to be happy with and make happy. She is adorable and such a character.

  5. She's a sweetie! I like the photos on the red quilt. Happy Figiversary!

  6. The photo on the lower right looks like a Christmas card to me. And yes Fig does sound like a 70 year old yelling at the neighborhood kids. She is adorable and fortunate to have you to adore her, so very nice that she adores you too.

  7. Each of them bring their own special wonderful. Having said that I'm looking forward to my own next portable, non-thunderstorm fearing companion as well.


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