June 1, 2017

BritFest 2017

As Americans, we LOVE all things British, from the Royal Family to Downton Abbey, from Barbour jackets to British beers. It’s so funny that there are Greek Festivals, Italian Festivals and Irish Festivals, among others, but there really isn’t a British Festival. So, my friend, Hugh, a British ex-pat, decided to create BritFest. Odd coincidence: Hugh and my father attended the same school in England, alhough about 40 years apart.FB HEADER

On June 10, the First Annual BritFest will take place at the Maryland Polo Grounds, with all things British, including music with a Beatles cover band; games, including polo and croquet; food and drink including Pimms and beers; clothing; antiques; cars, including Land Rovers, Jags, MGs and Triumphs, and much more! And of course, there will be a toast to HM Queen Elizabeth, II who celebrates her 91st birthday this week. image

My friend from the shop Yoicks will be selling Barbour jackets and other hunt and equestrian gear, vintage British art and books and other oddities he finds in his travels. There will be about 20 other vendors there selling a variety of things.

I am going to have a stall and will be selling British antiques, including cutlery, Wedgwood, china, tea-towels and other items of interest. Here are a few of the tea-towels I’ve designed for BritFest (although you can order them from me if you’re interested!). Britfest tea towels2

And how could I do an event without making some decorative bunting! brit bunting2Tickets are $20 per person and include a souvenir mug and beer samples (insert legal language here). You can order from Mission Tix, here. Hope to see you there! And if you do come, please stop by and say Hi!


  1. That's fantastic! I am about a 1/4 British and love Anglo culture. I'm only about 1/2 hour from there and hope to attend. And you are right, there are excellent other festivals around the area. It will be nice to have a British festival. Just a thought, but perhaps see if there might be a way to aid the Manchester victims and have part of the proceeds donated?


    1. We will be donating to the Invictus games fir UK and US Wounded Warriors and the St. George Society.

  2. OMG we love British things. Hello er Hello-- today we are waking UP to the fact F I F T Y years ago Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band was released and well there were a few records before that one that Plenty of people bought .The term it is on the tip of my tongue hmmm oh BEATLE-MANIA yuuuup that's it yes'um Them there Beatles may have had a thing or two to this here --Stay Calm and Carry on well they er we did "Carry on" a bit. Eddie kiss me goodnight. If there's anything that you want eight days a week in an Octopus' Garden just Don't Let me down I want to hold your hand in Penny Lane If I fell When I'm sixty-four O-bla-dee O bla da. come on help me out here....

  3. Don't forget the ubiquitous strawberries and cream, a British summer staple. I see you got the Pimms covered, yum!

  4. Well I suppose any use or playing of music involves permission and ASCAP fees. Sorry for the reference to music. A a youngster knowing my Aunt fresh out of teaching college (1960's) landed a job on an Air Force base as a teacher in the UK made me more aware of events across the pond. Upon her return she brought her bright red VW Beetle. Not that I was ever there, though one can imagine. Good luck with the Happening


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