June 13, 2017

BIG Sale at McLain-Wiesand–You MUST Go!

My friend, the amazing and talented David Wiesand, owner and brain behind McLain-Wiesand, the furniture-makers, is having a once-in-a-lifelong-time sale! His works are sold through some of the top showrooms and are made here in Baltimore. His warehouse/workshop is a  trove of fascinating bits and pieces.IMG_2620David has an incredible eye and even his left-overs are treasures! He has gathered things over the years, some in pristine condition, (should you want to give someone last rites), IMG_2601

and some pieces in a little worse shape. IMG_2616

This grape lantern/chandelier is a lot of fun. David and I were at an auction in rural Pennsylvania, when he found it. The piece needs some re-wiring, but it could be amazing. Even the leaves are glass!IMG_2630

Should you be inclined to open your own church, David’s got you covered, from Holy Water to candles!IMG_2602IMG_2623IMG_2624

If you are a creative DIY sort, there are plenty of bits and pieces to use. IMG_2611IMG_2621IMG_2625IMG_2627

There is also artwork, IMG_2631

mirrors, IMG_2633

lighting, IMG_2617

sculptures and castings, IMG_2607

and much more.IMG_2638

What did I want, you ask? How about this fabulous trophy to add to my using-odd-things-as-vases collection.IMG_2606

Here are the details: McLain Wiesand Custom Furniture & Decorative Arts 1013 Cathedral St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 Thursday, June 15 and Friday, June 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Hope to see you there!

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