May 11, 2017

It's a Madcap World...

I was so pleased to attend the grand re-opening of the local Calico (no longer Calico Corners) store, which featured two design friends: Jason Oliver Nixon and John Locke, the gents from Madcap Cottage! I had met the two of them several years ago in High Point, and in a major coincidence, Jason's sister and I live in the same neighbourhood in Baltimore!

Jason and John's trademark style is bright and exuberant.
This was immediately apparent by the blazers they were wearing - made from their own fabrics and piped with bright trim.

John & Jason gave a nice talk about how to layer fabrics so that they don't look like a mish-mash, but a comprehensive whole. 

I fell in love with one of their fabrics, which you can see on the left - the green one. It's called Mocambo and it comes in several lush colourways. All of the fabrics are designed and drawn by John & Jason, and invoke places they've been and things that they love. Many are named after country houses and gardens in England.

As part of the opening festivities, Calico hosted several drawings for pillows made from Madcap's fabrics, two custom designed pillows and a beautiful wing chair with several of the fabrics from their collection. 

I was thrilled to be the winner of two custom-designed pillows and had the fun experience of picking out which of their many fabrics I wanted. As I mentioned, I was drawn to this print called Mocambo. 

I really had a hard time deciding which colourway, and what to pair it with. But after a bit lot of thought, I decided on these two.

I loved the little ginkgo print called Howard's End, and loved how well it paired with the Mocambo both in colour and scale. I am so excited about this and can't wait to get them.

Thanks so much to Calico and Madcap Cottage for a fun evening!


  1. Lovely! You really cannot beat GREAT LUCK now, can you??!!!!!

  2. Thank you Meg! Such fun seeing you. John and Jason.

  3. Love those Madcap guys! Great style - wonderful colours.


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