May 12, 2016

#ThisIsBaltimore: Spring Edition

It’s been a really strange spring here in Baltimore: very chilly and very rainy. It’s also been very busy with a lot of projects culminating in a short period of time. Here are some of the images I’ve taken for Instagram over the past six or eight weeks.

Once upon a time, it was sunny. We’re at day 16 of rain, and everyone’s in a foul mood. image

I am still collecting and selling mother-of-pearl silver on my Etsy site. This is a stunning set for 18!image

This is the house where I grew up. I loved that house so much.image

Now that it’s May, I can’t eat oysters anymore, but this was at a party in April.image

Trips to Housewerks always yield great photo opportunities.image

Goose. Gander. Goslings.image

The University of Maryland’s Davidge Hall. The oldest medical school building continually in use, since 1814.image

The palest azaleas in a Wedgwood-style pitcher.image

I love the old books I find in my office’s library.image

That’s all for now!


  1. Everyone really is in a foul mood! But at least people are joking about it...and commiserating. But wow...I would like to see some sun. It was nice to see YOU earlier this week, though! That was a bright spot!

  2. Some of us are not in a foul mood! I am from western Oklahoma originally, so I never ever turn up my nose at rain. And the soil is so wet right now that I could pull up seedling privets and other pesky weeds without a trowel. When it doesn't rain for three weeks in July or August, you will be sorry you didn't appreciate the drizzle now.
    Mary Jane

  3. The home you grew up in is absolutely beautiful!

  4. OH, if you could send any of that rain our way.....El Nino freaked out my husband....who was having drainage ditches dug next to our floods.....a little rain....not trying to landscape those ditches! Please send rain!
    Looks gorgeous, that house of yours!!!

  5. Perhaps one day I will get a smart phone. your goose gander gosling image, now did you capture that with a smart phone? And it looks like perfect subject mater for a painting. Also, did you use a filter ?it looks Like a painting or my glasses need cleaning(impressionistic) or the sharpness/detail is mind boggling.


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