May 20, 2016

Black-Eyed Susan Day

The state flower of Maryland is the black-eyed susan, a member of the rudbeckia family.image The bloom along the country roads in the summer, but not until after it’s been hot for a month or so. And it hasn’t. So one of the local grocery stores gets hundreds of yellow daisies and paints the centers brown. image

But it’s also Black-Eyed Susan day today. It’s the race day that all of the locals attend. The race started in 1919 as the preview race for the Preakness weekend. It is now billed as the ladies’ day out, which is a great marketing strategy. image

It’s much more low-key and everyone’s dressed to the hilt. imageimageIt’s sunny today, after weeks and weeks of rain, and rain again Saturday for the Preakness. image

The prediminent colours are black and yellow, reflecting both the flower and the Maryland Flag, which we LOVE here in Maryland. I whipped up some Maryland flag pennants for a Preakness party on Saturday. maryland-flag-pennants

Even though it’s a day for the girls, the gents get in the spirit, too. image

There’s also a fairly revolting cocktail called the Black-Eyed Susan, but the recipe changes about every year, so it’s just something to swig before the race.image I found this quote in the Washington Post today. “The traditional version, printed in the 1985 edition of The Junior League of Baltimore cookbook ‘Hunt to Harbor,’ called for vodka, rum and triple sec, mixed with orange and pineapple juices.” I happened to be one of the testers for this cookbook and can say that this drink wasn’t too ghastly.

I think I am going to have to put this on my calendar for next year.

Thanks to all of my friends from whose FB pages I swiped these images!


  1. You should definitely go next year! This was my first time and it was very fun, though I learned a few lessons (mostly about shoe choice) that I will be applying next year. We saw some pretty great outfits - guys and girls - and the weather was gorgeous (unlike today). None of my horses won...but that's OK!

  2. I so enjoy your Maryland patriotism.


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