May 31, 2016

Scenes from an Early Summer Weekend

Phew! My two month spate of non-stop events has almost come to an end… just a few stragglers over the next two weeks and then the summer is blissfully quiet (ha! just jinxed that!).

Our weather in May has just been ghastly. Rain, cool temps and cloudy skies. Luckily, the long weekend wasn’t a complete washout, and we managed to get a couple of great events in. IMG_1035

Saturday started with the best yard sale ever! My friends are collectors, and at auctions, when you buy a box lot, you take the whole thing, whether you want it or not. Mostly, you just want one piece, so what do you do with everything else? You have a massive yard sale!IMG_1013IMG_1015IMG_1017IMG_1019

Of course, I picked up a couple of things, and I had to go back on Monday, just to check out what was left! Here’s what I got:

Three fun urns. Planted them with red, pink and white geraniums.IMG_1033

English transferware blue & white plate.IMG_1075

Here’s the back-stamp. IMG_1031

Black jasperware Wedgwood box. IMG_1085

French porcelain pin dish. Nothing funnier than musical cats!IMG_1087

Of course, what else do you do over a long week-end than have a glorious dinner outside in the country garden? Although the day had been hot, a breeze came in late in the afternoon and made it comfortable to sit at this beautiful table outside on the lawn to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday. IMG_1064

But first, a stroll around the garden, which is a few weeks late in blooming. IMG_1045IMG_1047IMG_1049IMG_1055IMG_1057

The weekend ended with a cookout with great friends filled with lots of laughter and love. It’s such fun spending time with friends who make you laugh so hard that you cry.

How was your long weekend? What did you do?


  1. Thank you for sharing your charmed life with your readers. It is inspiration that community is the fiber of the urban fabric we call life in the city.

  2. Love love LOVE your urns. Charming. And I own that silver basket (one just like it) in the photo. What a great sale! They must have done well, with such a nice choice of merchandise. Looks like a lot of fun. Glad the weather got better. Our weekend was a blast furnace of heat here - rather unusual for upstate NY. Now it's back to normal, and I can hit the yard sales again, but none as good as this one.

  3. What a beautiful table on the lawn. Add laughter, best thing ever:).


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