May 9, 2016

Smitten with a Staircase

I’ve been volunteering at the Carroll Museums for the past few weeks, and I’ve been completely and totally smitten by the gorgeous original staircase in this 1812 townhouse in Baltimore. It swoops up three flights, and is lit by gorgeous windows, many with their original wavy-paned glass.

Much of the time when I am volunteering, I am a guide, so have the chance, between visitors, to study the staircare and play with different filters on my camera.

Staircase with marble floor and table from Keith Fritz. image

Looking up, from where the image above is. image

I love the way the wall curves to follow the stairs. You can see the old interior shutters on the right.carroll museums  (6)

Look at how graceful this curve is.carroll museums  (9)

Playing with filters. Generally not a big fan of this.carroll museums  (7)

Simply elegant.carroll museums  (27)

I love visiting old house and seeing the treasures that they hold. The Carroll Museum’s All-American House will be open to visitors until July 10th. Hope you can visit.


  1. Such gorgeous movement to this staircase -- love how it crosses over the windows as it flows from top to bottom, and then climbs back to the top.

  2. Gorgeous photo "essay", Meg! I spent a good deal of time at the Carroll Mansion when the Peale ran it years ago, so I am grateful to see the "All American House" show off its beautiful spaces. That turned staircase reminds me of the fiddleheads I just cut from my cinnamon ferns this morning. Fibonacci or not, graceful curves, both.


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