December 13, 2015


After years of writing my blog posts via a platform called Live Writer, it has been shut down, and the replacement program isn't up and running yet. 

The blogger native platform on Google is very cumbersome and doesn't have the same ease of use - the  WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) isn't functional at all. Inserting images is painful!

So until I figure out another platform, or the new open source Live Writer begins working, expect posting to be sparse. It's simply too frustrating for a non-computer literate person to figure out. And I just don't have the time to deal with it two weeks before the holidays.

Image above is from a huge post I wrote about Ladew Gardens' Christmas Tour over the weekend. 


  1. Nothing seems to last for very long on the internet--too bad about the demise of your favorite editor. I have struggled along with the Blogger editor, and know all of its faults and inconveniences--perhaps that is one reason I don't post very often. My partial solution is to type the text in Word, then upload all the photos at once to Blogger, and cut and paste the paragraphs of text in between.

    Wishing you an annoyance-free Holiday season,

  2. I switched to wordpress. The one benefit is I can post from my phone, iPad or computer. Its not perfect but not impossible .

  3. I sympathize, Meg. I've also had problems with Blogger. Ongoing. For instance, I can't update a page for which constant updating is essential. It hasn't accepted updates since January 2015, so I had to add a Page 2 to the category. Sigh.


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