December 31, 2015

2015 Instagram: My Best Images

It’s a rare day that passes without me taking a photograph or two. I’ve carried a camera with me since I moved to Wales more than a decade ago, and with the excellent cameras on phones these days, it’s simple to always be ready to take a photo.

I have gone back through my Instagram feed and picked a few of the images that I think are the best.

A friend and I had lunch and by the time we left, the snow had coated the trees in the park across from my office.image

This is the oldest shopping center in the US.image

L'heure bleu over the icy harbour.image

The B&O Railroad Building, now a Hotel Monacoimage

The most gorgeous stove! It’s a Molteni.image

The grounds of the Evergreen House Museumimage

Union Mill, an urban revitalization projectimage

The Peabody Library dressed for July 4th image

Baltimore, not Mexicoimage

Reflections of a chandelierimage

Baltimore, not Londonimage

Baltimore Museum of Art, Silver Roomsimage

Japanese Maple Groveimage

My Toile de Baltimore gift bag, used for a holiday present.image


  1. Dear Meg I always love seeing your amazing images and appreciate so much you sharing with us!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Happy New Year Wishes!

  2. Very special............HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  3. Your toile gift bag idea would make a fine addition for use in any of your Baltimore member/tourist gift shops -- just add the specific logo or the organization's building(s)/landmarks! Not that you need another project, but you have a very clever idea.


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