December 29, 2015

2015: Year in Review

As I have slowed down on blogging a bit this year, I have ramped up on the Instagram posts, mainly because they’re so visual and immediate, and this makes my life simpler. I hope that you will become a follower on Instagram.

Regardless, I still managed to write more than 120 posts, and these were some of the most popular. Click on the link to see the original post.

The most popular post of the year was the one that I hated to write. My beloved dog, and source of much entertainment to my readers, died in April. As heart-breaking as the decision was to put him to sleep, it was the absolutely right and correct thing to do. I still miss him every day, and am still searching for a dog who can take his place in my life.connor summer

Another popular, but sad post was about the incredible boat-lift on September 11, 2001 in New York. While most people forget that Manhattan is an island, that became immediately clear on that bright morning. image

A house I have loved for years went up for sale over the summer. But things are now always what they appear to be, and the house was a huge disappointment once I got a closer look. image

A funny and popular post was about the congressman, since vanished off the radar, who “decorated” his office to look like Downton Abbey. That red paint is going to be a pain to cover.image

One of the big design events of the year was Lilly Pulitzer’s collaboration with Target, which turned out to be a huge nightmare. At the beginning, it all seemed good. image

For nine years, I have been working on presenting the good parts of Baltimore to the “outside” world, and to those whose sole impression of Baltimore comes from either John Waters movies, or The Wire. All of my efforts were negated by the uprising in April after the death of Freddie Gray. It makes me sad for the city.image

What were your favourite posts?


  1. I loved the boatlift post...I told so many people about it too! And I love every post you have written that celebrates Baltimore!

  2. I enjoy all of your posts...all filled with so much information and a joy to read. Of course, Connor, always won, but your sewing projects and your wonderful recipes (that I included in my arsenal) are always welcomed. And Meg, with regard to a pet that can take Connor's place, you'll know when your heart has been captured! Happy New Year, Angela Muller

  3. I hope that 2016 will be a wonderful year for you, Meg, and that you find the dog that is looking for you.

  4. I loved what Cleo wrote....absolutely agree with every word. You are a TREASURE, Meg! God bless and Happy New Year to you!!!

  5. I have loved reading about your adventure, Baltimore and Connor for years. I was so sad when he passed. I hope this year brings you a nice pup to keep you company.

    Happy New Year.

  6. i loved the post about the dog + heres hoping the perfect doggie will show up in 2016. xx

  7. I loved the post on Connor the most, of course. He became such a part of our online lives. He exuded personality...and you know I saw "Connor clouds" the day he died, and will forever call those clouds by that name. However...I missed the post on the Congressman's office. I read it now. Having worked in the Rayburn Building for many years I can tell you this. The story was only partially accurate. When Members switch offices, which they constantly like to vie for, the ideal office having a window with a view of the Capitol....great photo are given furniture through the GSA (General Service Agency.) This usually includes sofas and chairs in leather (and they come in a limited array of colors: black, brown, red, cream or green.) Lamps usually have black shades and are classically shaped. You have wooden bookcases and desks. Standard wall to wall carpenting in a variety of colors (including cream) but you can overlay this with your own carpet choices. Drapes classic and standard. A congressman gets his own private bathroom and kitchen (separate rooms closed off and the kitchen has a huge safe in it. Plus the regular offices all have inset cabinets which you can see in that photograph. You do not get crown molding (seen in the photograph) or that gold trim around the door edges. Trim is usually cream or white although some may use same tone as wall paint although I never saw it in offices. The reporter got the wall colors wrong. They are white, cream (he calls eggshell) a pale sage green, obviously no red, but no yellow, which he states. A light sky blue, a cooler slate Williamsburg blue, a beige and a medium brown. That is it. Never did I see anyone paint their walls coral or red or lavender...anything beyond what was allowed, and I am sure when this story hit, collective heads went through the roof on this. They wouldn't have issues with the furniture. You can bring in your own and rugs as I have said, including your own desk, but the walls and rugs and trim? Way off the charts. If he changed ceiling light fixtures he'd be in trouble. Also, you can vary the color of your desk phone in an array that would be thought "Williamsburg" again--sage green, black, beige, white, cream, red. I had a red phone and red typewriter (when those still one point.) Sometime I should write about my old office, but I can assure you...what this FORMER Member of Congress did? Could have cost him a re-election. Also, looking back at the pictures, that candle wall sconce obviously not the norm and also the door knocker. You never get a door knocker of the door leading into the Congressperson's office. Think about how crazy that is.

  8. I would have to put Connor at the top of the list, probably because I also have a sweet yellow lab boy.
    We felt we knew him from the photos and his antics. I'm sure you still miss him, but as other readers have said, you will know when the right dog comes along as the perfect companion.
    Your posts on architecture and the great homes of Baltimore are always of interest. Attention to detail and sharing knowledge of your home town makes for enjoyable and informative reading.
    Wishing you the best in 2016!

  9. Thank you for every one of your 2015 posts and all those from the past years.
    I am trying to follow Instagram.....but it feels like a Readers Digest condensed version. I guess I prefer fewer (but richer the character) of the original blog style posts.
    I too miss Connor and all his antics very much. Don't wait too long to adopt a new hairy housemate. I know from experience that when a house is vacuumed too throughly to remove old memories, and you stop buying tape rollers by the case so you look presentable to go to work in the sit around more. No more jumping up for a treat, or an in or out, a "come play with me", "i need a walk please", etc etc (and at this point we all need the extra exercise) and there's no more feeling - you just make me smile everyday! Rhory wasn't quite right - I do agree, but I am sure there is another best friend in a furry suit out there looking for you.
    Really enjoy your takes on High Point every year, and what new treasures you have discovered while exploring that book place and your other haunts around Baltimore.
    Wishing you all the best in 2016


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