December 16, 2015

#ThisIsBaltimore December Edition

With all of the news out of Baltimore today, I thought I'd do what I intended this blog to do: show people that there's more than one side to Charm City. 

The city is really quite lovely now, with so many places decorated for the Festive Season. I thought I'd share some of my favourite Instagram images... although it's much harder now that I can't cut and paste them. I have to save every image and insert it. 

We went to Terrain again this weekend and they were setting up for a party in one of their event spaces. I managed to sneak this shot. It looks fabulous!

A friend and I were doing a little sleuthing up in the country, and came across this church which reminded me of so many in England and Wales.

Nothing I love more than stalking gorgeous houses! Even though this one's not decorated for the Festive Season, it still looks amazing.

One good thing about having a dog again (even if only for a day), it gave me the chance to walk through the neighbourhood adjacent to mine, and discover this stunning little garage. 

I took a tour of a local seminary which I've driven by all of my life. I couldn't get back far enough to capture the whole facade! It's massive!

Last, but not least. A true sentiment.

Thanks, as always for reading. It means the world to me!


  1. Lovely! My dear late aunt lived in Baltimore all her life and this was the city she was enamored of! Great photos!

  2. Baltimore, actually I like it too. Would love to see the Avenue again all glitz and glitter for the holidays.

  3. I want people to remember the Twelve days of Christmas -- which starts after Christmas on the 26th thru January 6th Three Kings Day-- yep, see where I'm going with this--the gift of the Magi, the three gifts, frankincense myrrh and gold. Lets stop with the tree going up in November. honestly, it is a fire hazard come Christmas and anyway this approach --way less stressful and more chances to entertain as there is no "deadline" but a period to observe and entertain. Google the religious aspects of the Twelve days of Christmas, not just the song. Feliz Navidad


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