October 30, 2015


I am not big on Halloween, but this year, I’ve been invited to both a Halloween party, and then next week, a Day of the Dead party. For tomorrow night’s Halloween party in a friend’s barn, I am reprising a costume from 2007 and am going as Kitchen Nightmares. Here, my late friend, John Gutierrez and I are cooking up some of his famous goulash at a Halloween party.halloween party I borrowed a chef’s jacket from a chef friend, complete with set-in kitchen stains, and then am decorating it with iron-on bugs and rats. I have a chef’s toque that will also be decorated. I will be carrying a huge chef’s knife, but will probably ditch it in a corner at the first opportunity.

For the Day of the Dead party, I ordered a dress on Amazon and then risked life and limb and went to Party City to pick up a flowered head-band and some make up. image

I did have to go on a bit of a rant and wonder why every.single.costume for women is marketed as “sexy”. Who wants to be a sexy meter maid or a sexy minion? Ugh!

There will be a little place at this party to acknowledge those who have died in the past year, so I thought I’d take one of Connor’s old toys. I am sad that this year I don’t have a dog to decorate, image

but I managed to dress up our office ghost, as I do every holiday.

No wonder she plays tricks on me!

Have a safe and happy Halloween.


  1. I've never been into halloween - i feel like people are more and more into it each year -it's insane! at least it eclipses the EARLY christmas decorations I see around -haha.

  2. Meg, I am sorry to say that I am with Stefan, I have never wanted to go to a costume party. Trick or Treaters are fine!

    Have a great time at your events though, I know they will be fun for all involved!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lesley Schiff

  3. Meg, enjoy! ...glad you will have the opportunity to remember Connor , he is so missed, and wow, another soul dear to our hearts -
    Johnnie Gute! Can't wait to hear about the celebrations.

  4. I "should" do Halloween. It has several meanings for me. I swore for years I would go as Miss Haversham (the eternal bride) for years, but have yet to pull that off. I felt guilty driving away last night while children were approaching the door. Connor had infinite patience when it came to being "decorated," with various costume bits. We always loved seeing him, too.

  5. Your parties sound fun. We need photos!


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