November 1, 2015

Photo Safari

For the past month or so, I’ve been taking an iPhone photography class through a program at Johns Hopkins University, and on Saturday, we had our final class – a photo safari. We started at the beautiful Hopkins campus with its classical architecture, and then made our way over to the adjacent Baltimore Museum of Art. It was a crisp clear morning, and just a little too late to get the good low morning sun.


But the trees around the campus were in full colour, so that helped a lot.IMG_5908

As we wandered around the campus, the teacher told us to look for textures and shapes.IMG_5891

We wandered down to the west side of the BMA where there are some great sculptures, IMG_5965

dramatic trees, IMG_5913

and gorgeous buildings.


I love this image of the small puffy clouds, with the moon just below.


There are a number of lion sculptures scattered inside and outside the museum.


We headed to the sculpture garden on the east side of the museum, where I spotted one of my favourite buildings, which used to house the campus newspaper. Not sure what it is now, but I still love it!


Despite the fact that it was the end of October, there were still plenty of things blooming and green.


Then we headed into the museum itself to check out some of the galleries and to try and get some good pictures. IMG_6049

As you might expect, my favourite section is the American decorative arts, where so much is wonderfully familiar. This is looking out at the beautiful little Benjamin Latrobe-designed spring house on the grounds.IMG_6189

Three of the spaces. In the center of the middle image, you can see the famous Woodlawn Vase, the most expensive trophy in sports. A replica of it is given each year to the winner of the Preakness Horse Race here in Baltimore.


Of all of the 200+ images I took, this was one of the last ones, and I think that it’s one of the best. No filters, just a tiny bit of cropping to get rid of an Exit sign. Just the guard leaning against the door frame with the light shining in.IMG_6065

This was my other fave – a leaf in a fountain with some reflections of the surrounding buildings.IMG_6089

Going out and shooting like we did was a rare thing for me. Although I’ve carried a camera, and now a phone with me for 12+ years, every single day, it’s not often that I purposely go out to shoot pictures.


  1. I don't mean to throw this term around lightly but your blog strongly leans to the Photojournalism side of things. As a college student of photojournalism (years ago) , I googled (just now) the name of the instructor and I came across a Blog titled Strobist the subject is light of course and the more recent entry was soo worthy I needed to share the Blog with you and perhaps the inspirational message many ring true for you. Maybe I will find Mr Parrish on the world wide web, but for now I will follow the Strobist!

  2. Excellent, Meg. Who needs a DSLR these days? What are the pixels on this iPhone? I often think the photos on iPhones look great when you're viewing them on the iPhone, and not so good when enlarged, but this proves me wrong. The last two are excellent, and you've saved the very best for last. Your museum guard looks almost Hitchcockian - a sinister cameo in a sinister movie.

  3. Love the photos. Everything looks so serene, perfect Saturday morning shots. Please post more.

  4. the last image reminds me so much of Hitchcock!

  5. wonderful photos. Love that area, thanks

  6. I still carry a camera (and iPhone.) There's always something to take a photograph of, and at the least, it marks your days. I love these pictures. There is so much to appreciate in nature and it can lift the spirits, especially at this time of year with such dramatic changes.

  7. wonderful + great photos!

  8. Some excellent photos Meg, well done! Hard to pick a favorite really.

  9. I am a new iPhone owner. I don't have your eye, Meg, but these pictures you've taken around Hopkins and at the BMA inspire me. Maybe I'll give it a try. I love the gardens at the BMA and have written about them. Your elegant photographs may prompt me to see what I can do with my phone. Always love your pictures.

  10. Artful photos, Meg! You are in the wrong field!


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