November 16, 2015

I’ll Take This: 1830’s House on the Chesapeake

I knew this house when I was younger, a friend’s parents lived on this property in one of the many tenant houses. imageIt is surrounded by a sod farm, so it was always beautifully green and lush, imagebut it also backed onto a creek off the Chesapeake Bay, so sailing out to the Bay was easy. image

The driveway was made from years and decades of crushed oyster shells from the surrounding waters. imageThe house is simple and stately with minimum ornamentation, not even show-offy window treatments (in some rooms). The interior seems to be somewhat restrained, in parts. image

Those may be the original floors, but the planks don’t look wide or uneven enough.image

Nice classical center hallway, but the mural looks a bit dire. I lived in a house once where the owners let their high-school age children paint a mural. It was the worst!image

This piece of the mural was a bit concerning, I was afraid that they’d put some ghastly and inappropriate addition on the back of the house, but in looking at the exterior shots, I don’t think this image is this house. image

Nice dining room. The floors look more authentic here and you can see where the HVAC vents have been subtly added below the windows. image

Here are some of the other interior images:image



imageDon’t quite know what to say about this ceiling!image

The designer kitchen is a bit too modern for the house. I’d love to know what they pulled out to put this in!image But good lord! What’s that thing hanging over the counter?imageimage

The realtor had this tidbit to say about the house,

Circa 1830 with two guest houses, 3 tenant houses, 3 bay garage, barn with workshop, and deep water pier stands proudly on 150 acres. Designer kitchen, formal parlor, 8 fireplaces, plank wood floors & original windows. Built by John Ridout & the former home of Captain Philip V H Weems, Father of Celestial Navigation who taught Lindbergh to navigate and Admiral Byrd to fly.


The house has been on and off the market since 2012 and the price has dropped from $6.75 million to $5.7 mil. It’s about 25 miles to Baltimore and about 35 to Washington, DC. For more information and additional images, please click here.


  1. Most of it is in good taste and fairly restrained. But ixnay on the eiling-cay. Yikes. Luckily, it's nothing a quick coat of paint won't fix. And I totally agree about the kitchen. The original kitchen, however, if one wants to be totally period, was probably in the basement or a separate building.

  2. This beautiful house needs a ot of design work. But the bones are gorgeous. xoxox Mary

  3. An amazing property Meg, as Mary says the home has great bones !

    The Arts by Karena
    The Blink of an Eye

  4. Lovely home. I wouldn't even need all the grounds.

    Only $5.7? I'll get my checkbook, lol. ;-)

  5. The bones are very good. The decorating is downright frightening!

  6. To bad this house isn't being given away to the winner of an essay contest. It is a popular way to "sell"-- charge an entrance fee, hope 7,000 people apply for a chance to have their essay read and selected. Why of course I want to live on a sod farm I love lawns.

  7. the "thingy" hanging over the island on the kitchen is probably a fruit basket? Bananas!!!

  8. Your house selections sometimes rival Cote De Texas! I found a PDF file regarding this property and it mentioned a Designer Showhouse to raise funds for the Anne Arundel Medical Center and the historic home's walls had been restored with a new coat of plaster circa 1999. If I were to start a blog about my home town -- I am a student of two expert bloggers. Do your ears ever burn Meg ? I mention your blog in conversations, as if I have met you. On another note, this Book Thing my oh my would I love to have a Book thing in my town. I wonder what the business model is, a generous benefactor dedicated to Literacy? Your blog is a Movable Feast.


  9. Woooo…. that path is amazing; it seems to be an endless road :D .The house definitely needs some small touches from an interior designer, but it has a great potential. It is a lovely home!
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