October 23, 2015

#ThisisBaltimore: October Edition

It’s been a super busy past few weeks, with events almost every evening and things happening over the weekends. So that’s why posting has been so sporadic. When I leave the house at 8:00 a.m. and don’t return until 10 or 11 p.m., there’s not much time for blogging, regardless of how motivated I want to be! But in the mean-time if you want to see what I am up to, check out my Instagram feed, and my Facebook page. And if you want to shop, check my Etsy page!

I mentioned earlier that I am taking an iPhone photography class and each week, we have an assignment. This sometimes takes me out of my comfort range and I have to use filters and effects. I am much more of a realists, and while I do tweak my images a little, I don’t do it to the extent that the teacher wants… until now.

I might be biased, but Maryland has the best state flag. This is above a doorway and is a riff on the flag. image

My office is in the Mount Vernon section of Baltimore, and there are loads of gorgeous buildings with fabulous details.image

I went to a party at the local Lithuanian Hall a few weeks ago. The building dates from the early 1900’s.image

I have always loved this old firehouse in downtown Baltimore. image

My friend David’s Halloween window. Someone said that these were the Ravens’ cheerleaders in mourning because we’re 1-5 this season!image

This was one of my class submissions – one of the halls at Johns Hopkins University where my class is held. image

Another submission. The theme was people. This is at the train station. image

I am totally smitten with this room at the Carroll Mansion. I adore this chandelier and now its reflection in this old mirror.image

Cylburn Arboretum, close to my house. The most gorgeous sunset lit up the changing trees and the historic house beyond.image

Not really Baltimore, but my friend’s birthday present – two calves. They’re about a week old in this picture. image

Thanks, as always, for reading! I really appreciate your support over the years.


  1. Lovely photos, Meg. Please don't drift away from us who so enjoy your blog.

  2. Meg I bet the photography class is opening up your eyes to even more Baltimore beauty!!

    Thanks for sharing with us as always! Have a wonderful weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Your photos always make me want to visit Baltimore. So much history & beauty, thanks for these charming Fall images!

  4. stunning + great! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. the refection of the chandelier is amazing.


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