October 12, 2015

Save the Date!

Once again this year, Bunny Williams Home, Vaughan, Holland & Sherry and Chelsea Editions are having their warehouse clearance sale!image


I heard that this an amazing sale last year, and I am sure it will be every bit as great this year!

For more information, please click here.


  1. Thanks for this, Meg. Speaking of amazing sales, I went to Pete Hathaway's Ragamont Tent Sale again this year and picked up a ton of stuff. It was a beautiful fall day, and Pete's gang had oodles of nice things at very reasonable prices. Thank you so much for the heads up. It was great! Oh, and I saw Bunny Williams, too.

  2. Meg it just makes me crazy that I cannot make these fabulous events!!
    Be sure to tell me all about it!!

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