August 27, 2015

Thursday Night at the Disco

When I was younger, Thursday night was the night everyone got together to go dancing. We’d drive down to Washington, DC sometimes and go to the Chinese Disco, which was a Chinese Restaurant by day and a disco at night. So when I was invited to a huge party earlier this evening, it brought back memories of those days.

This event was given by Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (!)in their 100,000 square-foot space. To say it was amazing would be a vast understatement. When we arrived, there were several gorgeous vignettes to greet us, and one included this amazing orchid – encased in ICE! It was stunning. IMG_4777

The theme of the party was Tassels and Tattoos, and as we entered the massive warehouse, there was a tattoo parlour set up and people were actually getting inked! IMG_4874

We opted for a less permanent alteration and got sparkled!IMG_4788

As we moved from vendor to vendor the scene continually changed. The whole point of the party was to show off to corporate and other event planners what they were capable of doing and what they had in their warehouse to make your party one-in-a-million.IMG_4793

Everywhere you looked, there was someone mixing up custom cocktails.
IMG_4799 IMG_4800


And the food was amazing! Everything you could think of, from freshly smoked cedar planked salmon, IMG_4779

to a candy bar IMG_4811which was served by gals whose tops were literally painted on!IMG_4808

To white truffles hanging from the ceiling,


to voodoo doll pancakes and DIY jambalaya, IMG_4864

to gnocchi and pulled pork!IMG_4869

And since that was a farm-to-table caterer, they even brought along two baby goats!IMG_4867

In one massive room, there were tables with buckets and buckets of fresh flowers and you could make your own arrangement in a “silver” julep cup!
IMG_4803 IMG_4804

There were several bands, lots of dancing, some serious schmoozing, a silent disco and much much more!

IMG_4829 IMG_4865

Such a fun party, and such a fun way to spend a Thursday night! Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, indeed!


  1. Years ago Jeff Smith did a show about how few blue food there are hence his theory blue depresses the appetite. The blue gloves on the salmon servers ugh! Must event planners go for the playboy Bunny trope to sell products? Honestly, Unless that top was painted on in an opaque glace', fondant, tinted foodstuff what reason was there for the server to be clad in such a manner??? Where is the health department when you need them -- a tattoo parlor-- bloody open wounds in a restaurant setting. The average Joe does need some distractions with all the horrible headlines but ..... I do hope everyone arrived home safely.....

  2. I was put off by the live goat display courtesy of the farm-to-table caterer. I am a vegetarian and it broke my heart to look at these little guys . . . so cute only to end up on somebody's plate or in a stew . . .

  3. Free ink! I'd a been all over it.

    Feels kinda neat to actually be reading a blog story again!

  4. Free ink! I'd a been all over it.

    Feels kinda neat to actually be reading a blog story again!

  5. The Chinese disco! I hadn't thought of it for years. Trips from UVA to DC. Such great memories!


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