August 23, 2015

#ThisIsBaltimore August Edition

I am prepping for the walk & talk lecture I am giving in October, so I took advantage of today’s low humidity and beautiful weather to go shoot some images of Baltimore. These are some of the shots I put on Instagram along with others from the past two months.

This is the old North Avenue Market. It had been vacant for decades and now it’s being revitalized.image

Here is another view of the North Avenue Market. It looks like South America to me. Just waiting for the dictator to come out and say a few words to the assembled masses!image

Not many people will see this part of Baltimore – it’s a friend’s front porch and is the most perfect place to sit and talk on a nice summer evening.image

They are a little hard to see, but I spotted these gorgeous windows on a townhouse in Baltimore.image

This is the spectacular Peabody Library. It’s one of the most beautiful public(ish) spaces in Baltimore.image

This building is my reminder to always look up!image

Anyone who lives in Baltimore knows these two iconic TV towers. You can see them from almost anywhere in the city.image

This is a little 1/8 mile stretch that I drive on my way home. The temperature usually drops two to three degrees between the start and the finish. image

I adore this building and a friend and I are plotting a way to see the interiors. If you look at the building on the right, you can see the French doors are open to catch the breezes off the lake which is across the street.image

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  1. I loved your last few IG's where this isn't Mexico it's Baltimore one and I wish I could come to your lecture Meg!


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